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Governmental Affairs Committee

Steve Pelham

Steve Pelham

Dr. Mark Neighbors

Mark Neighbors

Chris Hickman

Chris Hickman

Advocacy is a key part of what we do here at the Opelika Chamber. We value remaining active and engaged in local, state, and national government affairs, and to function as a sounding board for any issues that may impact the business and/or industry in our community. Additionally, the Governmental Affairs Committee will work to stay connected with our elected officials by planning visits for groups to travel to both the State & US Capitol so we can actively advocate for our community and our business members to our elected officials. We are not lobbyists, but we consider it essential to ensure our business's voices are heard in a united and consistent manner. 

Earlier this year, the Federal government recommended changing the minimum population requirements for Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to 100,000 people. This would have greatly impacted the Lee County area and its access to funding. The Opelika Chamber banded together with fellow communities who would be impacted and we organized a campaign to fight back and prevent this from happening. We won! 

The governmental affairs committee stays abreast of all issues like this and will lead the Opelika Chamber in its advocacy efforts to ensure the best interests of our businesses are always at the forefront.

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