• Mission, Vision & Core Values

  • Our Mission

    Building economic and member vitality through partnerships, programming, education and community involvement.

    Our Vision

    To be the recognized leader and advocate of the business community, acting as a catalyst for a thriving economic and entrepreneurial environment, collaborative community initiatives, and a better quality of life for its business owners and citizens alike.

    Our Culture & Core Values

    “Culture is a shared way of doing something with a passion.” – Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, AirBNB

    Practice Positivity

    1. We will continually practice positive and encouraging behavior to our team, our current and prospective members, our board and our community.
    2. We will practice genuine positivity and optimism for our community, its future, and the businesses that call it home, and we recognize that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, and in turn, positive results.

    Earnestly Build Bridges

    1. We will eagerly pursue connections among all those affiliated with our community and organization and will arduously advocate for all who are a part of the Opelika Chamber.
    2. We will execute programs, events and communication tactics with a sincere focus on building bridges and turning contacts into contracts.

    Aspire to Excellence

    1. We will deliver programs and services that exceed expectations with a focus on anticipating the needs of our team and the members we serve.
    2. We will be a head above the rest in regard to customer service, communication, professionalism, and hosting with a purpose by practicing excellence in our daily endeavors.

    Seek Continuous Growth

    1. We will practice teamwork and foster an environment of learning and growth for our members, ourselves, and our organization.
    2. We will be committed to educating our members and our community on the skills and tools needed to seek continuous growth and development as leaders.

    Earn Trust

    1. We will prove to be a genuine and consistent resource to each other and our members, offering services they can count on.
    2. We will exercise responsibility in our daily endeavors and strive to maintain the respected reputation of ourselves and the organization.

    Execute Servant Leadership

    We will serve each other, we will serve our members, and we will serve our community with a genuine dedication to making ourselves and the world a better place.

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