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Minority Business Council

The Minority Business Council is made up of men and women, who cover all spectrums of minority status, that serve as business owners and representatives in our community. Each member of this council is passionate about helping minority business owners utilize the chamber to become more successful. The committee’s purpose is to foster growth and networking for minority businesses through targeted programming and events, and to be a resource to minority business owners in our area.



Since the inception of the Minority Business Council, the committee has found that emerging minority businesses that would benefit from the many resources the Opelika Chamber provides do not have the spare capital to afford membership.

As a resource to minority business owners, our committee plans to initiate a sponsored membership drive where chamber members have the opportunity to SPONSOR A MINORITY BUSINESS. To become a sponsor, you will complete a contract pledging the number of businesses you would like to sponsor. The suggested pledge per business is $299.00 and will support a minority business for one full year. The goal of the sponsorship is to help that business afford membership their first year and believe in their investment the following years. There will be an application process for minority businesses to apply to the program with proper vetting of the business from the Minority Business Council. Once the contract is complete and the funds are secured, your business will receive the names and details of each sponsored business and the Minority Business Council will host a Meet & Greet for all sponsors and sponsored businesses.

As a sponsor for a minority business or businesses, your business would receive the following benefits:

  • Inclusion as a “Minority Business Champion” on the Minority Business Council page on our website.
  • Earn Community Reinvestment Act Credit for your Support
  • Social Media Highlight
  • Opportunity to serve as a mentor to that business

If we can count on your support, please e-mail Mackenzie Poole at your pledge of how many businesses you would like to sponsor, and we will forward a contract to you.

2022-2023 Members

Nicholas Armistead, Board Co-Chair

Ayanna Thomas, Board Co-Chair

Maritza Gamble

Angela George

Tiffany Gibson-Pitts

JArthur Grubbs, Jr.

Jeffrey Harris

Nitda Louangkhoth

Eric McDade

Kendra Nix

Vic Patel

Ernie Rains

Altumura Rosencrantz

Luis Saavedra

If you would like more information on Opelika Chamber's committees & councils, contact

Mackenzie Poole, Director of Leadership & Events at